Who Can Notarize A Document?

Posted by heritagelawoffices on Apr 6, 2018 in Blog, Notary

While it may not be common knowledge, there are many instances in life where someone will need a notarized document. If you are not familiar with the process, it can be an unpleasant surprise if left to the last minute. Like all practicing lawyers, most of us at Heritage Law are notaries public.

If you want a brief rundown on who can notarize a document, keep reading below.


There are several types of documents that may require a notary public or a Commissioner for Oaths to notarize them. Here is a short list:


As stated above, all practicing lawyers can notarize documents— but that’s not all! Canadian Senators, MLAs, MPs, judges and even students-at-law can act as a notary. There are many private notary services available if certified: they have undergone rigorous legal screening to ensure their impartiality. A notary public can approve documents that are to be used outside of Canada.


Commissioners for oaths share some of the same powers as notaries, though not all. Because of this, the requirements are less strict and the range of duties are much more specific. Limited to documents that are to be used inside Alberta, you may need a commissioner for oaths to certify an affirmation, a declaration, an affidavit or an oath. You may require the services of a notary public beyond that scope.

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