About Heritage Law Offices

Established in 1990 by Tom Pontin, Heritage Law Offices has flourished into a reputable firm consisting of four lawyers and six dedicated support staff.

Situated in Windermere Plaza in South Edmonton, our location is conveniently accessible via Anthony Henday Drive and Terwillegar Drive.

Legal Excellence

At Heritage Law Offices, we are dedicated to providing the South Edmonton area with high-quality, personalized legal services.

Our team specializes in real estate and estate planning, ensuring that our clients receive expert guidance tailored to their needs.

Our commitment to excellence has been consistently recognized by Edmontonians, with Three Best Rated ranking us as one of the three best real estate and estate planning law firms in the city.

We have also been honored as the Best in Edmonton for Will & Estate Lawyers, a testament to our unwavering dedication to our clients’ success.

Environmental Stewardship & Carbon Neutrality

In addition to our dedication to legal excellence, Heritage Law Offices recognizes the importance of environmental stewardship.

We understand the urgent need to address climate change and have taken proactive steps to minimize our environmental footprint.

Through meticulous calculation using the US Environmental Protection Agency’s online calculator, we have estimated our annual carbon emissions to be 11,237 kg of CO2.

To mitigate these emissions, Heritage Law Offices has implemented a comprehensive carbon neutrality initiative.

We have leased a 2.4-acre parcel of fully treed land in New Brunswick for 10 years. If one tree offsets 24 kg of CO2 per year, and 2.4 acres of land has approximately 500 trees, we can offset 12,000 kg of carbon each year.

This initiative offsets our carbon emissions and contributes to reforestation efforts, helping to restore vital ecosystems.

Inspired by the devastating forest fires of recent years and our commitment to corporate responsibility, this initiative reflects our values and commitment to sustainability.

Giving Back

Heritage Law Offices is also deeply committed to giving back to the community.

As the primary sponsor of Big Gifts for Little Lives, a charitable organization dedicated to supporting children in need, we are proud to support initiatives that make a positive impact on the lives of others.

Learn more about this amazing charity at Big Gifts for Little Lives.

Get in Touch

If you’re seeking expert legal advice or have inquiries about our services, we encourage you to contact us today.

Our team at Heritage Law Offices is ready to assist you.

We look forward to serving you!