What Does a Family Lawyer Do?


Posted by heritagelawoffices on Nov 24, 2019 in Blog, Family Law

When searching for a lawyer, diving into seemingly endless listings and online reviews can be overwhelming. The first step is to identify what field of law your lawyer should practice– from advertising to water, law covers it all… including family!

Family law may sound like an afternoon playing “courtroom” with the kids, but it is actually a wide-ranging field of law that serves many purposes. Read on for Heritage Law’s introduction to family lawyers and their practices.


Wills, estate planning, property agreements— these are all under the purview of a family lawyer. Owning valuables, businesses, real estate or other major investments can put stress on your loved ones, but a family lawyer can help take the pressure off such a responsibility.

Separation, death, or other serious life events may mean you could benefit from being in touch a family lawyer here at Heritage Law.


Pop culture tends to make separating or divorce as easy as packing your bags and signing some papers. Unfortunately, such a sensitive matter requires the close attention and professional acumen of a family lawyer.

The legal experts here at Heritage Law can help ease the difficult transition of a changing or blending family. Ensure your spousal support, division of property, and other issues are streamlined with the services of a family lawyer.


Even more important during a separation or divorce is the welfare of any children that are impacted by this serious family change. Child support and custody are some of the most intensely contested family law matters.

When children are in the mix, emotions run high and it is very easy to get carried away– protect the interests of you and your children by contacting a family lawyer here at Heritage Law.

As you can see, family law is one of the most personal fields a lawyer can practice. The professionals here at Heritage Law take you and your issues to heart– our experts are standing by to assist you with any family matter. Contact or visit us today!