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From new homes to rental properties and offices to industrial buildings, Heritage Law can facilitate any kind of obstacle you may encounter during a real estate transaction, dispute, or agreement! If you are familiar with real estate, you know that a lawyer needs to be involved.

What you may not know is exactly how much a real estate lawyer in Edmonton can do while buying and selling real estate! From residential to commercial real estate to mortgages and disputes, our knowledgeable team at Heritage Law is ready to take on the intricacies of real estate law and guide you through the entire process.

Residential Real Estate Lawyers Edmonton


There are many challenges home and condo buyers face when it comes to finding the right fit and closing a real estate transaction.

You can rely on our professional team of real estate lawyers in Edmonton to offer assistance for both home purchases and home sales:

Home Purchases

When it comes to purchasing a home, there are many steps involved beyond making an offer and accepting an agreement.

Upon purchasing real estate, it’s important to have all legal aspects of the transaction covered!

Our lawyers know real estate law and can assist you with the following:

  • Conducting title searches.
  • Ensuring the conditions of the agreement are satisfied.
  • Dealing with lenders and handling funds.
  • Conducting business with the seller’s lawyer.

Our team can also review your purchase and take a look at factors such as mortgage insurance, zoning issues, land transfer tax, registration fees, liens, tax arrears, legal fees, and more.

Home Sales

Having a team of Edmonton real estate lawyers handle the sale of your home will ensure that all transactions and agreements are adhered to fully.

They will obtain and review parcel information, receive and respond to requisitions, acquire funds from the buyers, and conduct business with the buyer’s lawyer.

Real Estate Legal Fees

SALE: $695.00
PURCHASE: (Mortgage Assumption or Cash) $695.00
PURCHASE: (New Mortgage) $795.00
REFINANCE: $695.00 + $50 per debt payout

Mortgage Financing

At Heritage Law, we understand how lenders draft mortgages. We also know what to look for from a legal standpoint to ensure that your best interests as a purchaser are always top priority.

We will go over all the details within the Offer to Purchase and property title to guide you through the specifics of the mortgage loan, including what recourse the lender can take if you do not make your mortgage payments.

Our team will also walk you through the costs, total debt, standard terms, special clauses, and other legal terms – so that you completely understand your mortgage agreement!

Construction Agreements

If you are constructing a new home, it’s imperative that you involve a real estate lawyer that understands real estate law. This will ensure that the purchase agreement works in your favor with issues, delays, or unexpected costs.

Constructing a new home is entirely different from purchasing a previously owned one when it comes to purchasing agreements, closing dates, deposit protection, and new home warranties.

Overall, the contracts are lengthier; oftentimes, the terms are weighted in favor of the builder.

Because these contracts can be significantly more complex, it is highly recommended that you review the contract with a lawyer – especially prior to signing.

If you need to sign before consulting with a real estate lawyer in Edmonton, be sure to add a clause to the contract indicating that your offer is conditional upon review.

Residential Real Estate Disputes

In a perfect world, buying and selling homes would happen without a hitch. However, real estate disputes are increasingly common.

Many residential real estate disputes can be resolved out of court, but real estate litigation is necessary when the involved parties cannot agree to a solution.

These parties primarily include the purchaser and buyer of a residential property, the owner of a residential party, or the landlord and tenant of a residential premise.

Disputes often arise between purchasers and sellers when one backs out of a transaction last minute or fails to fulfill their obligations in the agreement.

With our experience in real estate law, Heritage Law can help you resolve residential real estate disputes and will work diligently to avoid prolonged (and expensive) litigation.

Commercial Real Estate Law Edmonton

Commercial real estate can be a highly complex process. With a solid legal strategy, investors and builders can preserve the value of their commercial real estate ventures.

There is a lot to understand when it comes to commercial real estate laws, including the intricacies of the fine print and risks as well as negotiations.

Here at Heritage Law, we are dedicated to helping you maximize value by offering our expertise in commercial real estate, development, leasing, and more.

Our team can help you through the negotiation process to ensure you are getting the best deal. We can check and verify contract terms.

We understand that buying commercial property is a completely different process than purchasing residential property, and we can guide you through the real estate jargon and the wide variety of legal considerations.

Sometimes all you need is a second set of eyes to reveal things you didn’t know were there!

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Are you ready to buy your Edmonton dream home? Or are you ready to jump on a new commercial endeavor?

No matter your real estate needs, we are here to help!

Heritage Law has over 30 years of experience in the world of real estate, and our expert team of lawyers is ready to step in with legal advice and guidance.

You need a professional during the process; we are experts in this field. 

We can ensure that your property purchases and sales go smoothly for all parties involved.

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