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Nothing that involves commercial property and assets is ever as easy as it seems. While the process may seem simple enough, there are many complexities involved. These complexities can lead to significant financial penalties to those who do not perform their due diligence in a commercial transaction.

Avoid unforeseen consequences when purchasing, selling or leasing commercially-operated entities by consulting with Heritage Law Office.

Purchasing or Selling a Business

Businesses are often made up of many assets and properties, making their purchase and sale a complex task.

Due diligence is necessary when buying any commercial property. The process can involve a building condition assessment as well as researching any liens and potential liabilities through past claims on previous insurance policies.

It’s a lot of work and it must be done properly to avoid future issues that may cause financial hardship for your company. Our lawyers at Heritage Law can help you navigate the complexities of buying and selling commercial property.

Leasing Property or Assets

When leasing real estate or renting equipment for your business, or entering into any other types of contract, you need to be sure that your contracts are legally secure.

Did you know that there are four types of lease structure? Each involves details as to who, between the landlord and tenant, may incur what expenses. These expenses include property taxes, insurance, maintenance and utilities.

Make contacting Heritage Law Offices your first priority when reviewing your business’s contracts.

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