family standing together at sunsetDivorce & Separation

Heritage Law can help guide you through and inform you of any legal consequences due to divorce or separation. Child support, spousal support, property division and custody issues are just some of the obstacles our professionals can help you overcome.

Co-Habitation Agreements

For people who live together, but are not married– legal protection of property and children often comes in the form of a co-habitation agreement. Heritage Law Offices’ can draft such an agreement or advise on co-habitation issues.

Property Agreements

In the event of separation, death or other issues, some families may have a property agreement in place to determine dispersal and ownership of:

  • property/real estate
  • belongings (ie: valuables, vehicles, etc.)
  • financial assets (ie: savings, pension, etc.)
  • insurance
  • commercial or business holdings
  • and any other property or asset…

Consult with Heritage Law if you think you require a property agreement in place and we will tailor one to your exact needs.

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