6 Legal Benefits of Getting Married

Posted by heritagelawoffices on Oct 15, 2018 in Blog, Family Law

Getting hitched, tying the knot, making it official– these are just some of the diverse terms used to colourfully describe the legal act of marriage. Whether you have a blowout wedding reception or an exotic elopement, if you reside in Alberta you are obligated to sign a marriage certificate if you wish to be considered legally married. While it may seem anticlimactic, this simple act grants you and your partner many rights under Canadian law. Read on for Heritage Law’s guide to the legal benefits of getting married.

#1: Estate planning

This becomes both an easier and more crucial task, but legal marriage is a surefire way to ensure your spouse has a claim to your shared assets. The more complex your situation, the more you would benefit from an experienced estate lawyer— but a marriage certificate does give more protection than even common law status.

#2: Prenuptial agreements

While this may seem unromantic when getting married, a prenup often prevents more harm than they cause. Marriage is already an agreement between two consenting parties, so legal action that protects both should not be seen negatively. They are especially important in this era of modern, blended families!

#3: “Next of kin”

This an important legal status in many different situations, most often emergencies or tragedies. It is easy to overlook, as we do not like thinking about negative outcomes– but this makes it even more important. The last time you want to learn that you cannot make a medical decision for your partner is when it is absolutely necessary. Getting married allows you to be considered legally next of kin or immediate family.

#4: Employment benefits

These come in all shapes and forms, but there are some guarantees for legal spouses. If your legal spouse has recently given birth, suffers from a chronic illness, experiences a death in their immediate family or– should the worst happen– pass away themselves– your employer is required to provide leave (though it may be unpaid).

#5: Financial benefits

Financial benefits when legally married are common across Canada. Income tax benefits are limited, but both married and common-law partners are allowed to transfer certain credits. More likely, your shared income could be used to legally qualify for rebates, loans or even grants.

#6: Health benefits

Health coverage means not only spousal insurance coverage, but there are also legal guarantees for those that rely on their partners to maintain a comfortable life. Outside of the law, marriage and partnership is proven to help you live a better life for longer!

The above benefits can only summarize the many ways a legal marriage can improve your shared life together. If you have any concerns about your partnership in the eyes of the law, contact or visit Heritage Law today!