5 Benefits of Using a Smaller Law Firm

Posted by heritagelawoffices on May 1, 2017 in Blog

small-law-firmWhen it comes to seeking legal help, there are seemingly endless choices. Worse yet, dealing with a bigger law firm can be just as frustrating for clients as it can be intimidating. Small to mid-size law firms fill the need for personable, dedicated legal representation and advice– often without the premium you pay when opting for a large scale alternative. Keep reading for Heritage Law’s guide to getting the most out of a smaller law firm!

#5: Clients

A smaller firm like Heritage Law must always be client-focused to maintain a quality reputation and thriving practice. Unlike a large firm, we cannot afford to give anyone preferential treatment– our expert staff puts the same amount of effort into each and every case!

#4: Relationships

In the world of legal representation, large doesn’t mean the size of the office– it’s based on how many people practice law for that firm. So a bigger firm means a bigger staff, which leads to a higher chance your case is passed off to someone who is unfamiliar or inexperienced. Here at Heritage Law, we’ve built our business on a foundation of open, informative and personal relationships with our clients.

#3: Efficiency

Small law firms tend to have lower overhead than their bigger counterparts, thanks to leaner staffing, more specialization and even more modest office space. This heightened efficiency means Heritage Law can pass the savings on to its clients, while delivering the same top quality representation as a large-scale law firm.

#2: Specialization

Leaner, more efficient firms such as Heritage Law can often offer more dedicated and specialized legal advice than a bigger outfit. A big firm means lots of general work is required to support the higher end– which, in turn, means clients can get passed around due to the onslaught of deadlines and hiccups. A small shop can be more flexible and respond quicker to any unpleasant surprises.

#1: Local

Many larger law firms are run by national or multinational interests meaning your case is just a drop in their bucket. Unlike a smaller, local firm, they don’t have firsthand experience with local attorneys, judges or legal precedences. When you opt for representation from Heritage Law, you are deepening an already vibrant connection with our community and the people that live within it.

Still concerned about hiring a small to mid-range law firm? Contact or visit Heritage Law today and we can address your doubts and answer any questions you might have.